promote Chinese culture

2.2 the important cultural status of Chinese folk art elements in the art field

Nowadays, the comparison between countries is not only in economic strength and military strength, but also in soft power such as culture. The folk art of a country represents the culture of a country. Due to the strong cultural deposits of our country, the strength of folk art elements in our country will be stronger. Therefore, in the current competitive international society, to better show the national strength, we must pay attention to the inheritance of our country's traditional folk art elements.
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3. The relationship between Chinese folk art elements and Chinese interior design style

In China in the process of inheritance and development of folk art, Chinese folk art elements and the Chinese interior design for effective combination, can better promote people of the United States, is a kind of collision between art, is a kind of perfect innovation. There are a lot of interior design styles, such as Western Europe style and Mediterranean style, now more and more Chinese interior designer for the design of Chinese style, such as in decorating a process of Chinese knot, ceramic, wooden furniture (screen), the use of paper-cut, embroidery, can well reflect "Chinese wind", China and the United States.
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Chinese red is now many indoor decorating a process using color, for example on the Windows wide bright red paper-cut in China, in the empty white wall hang Chinese red Chinese knot, in the case of color impact is relatively small, can use Chinese red shoe ark, tea table or TV table, desk lamp and so on carries on the ornament, have visual impact, avoid indoor color too drab and inflexible. When people after indoor decoration USES the Chinese folk art elements, not only can relieve has been at the mental state of high pressure of life, also can effectively improve people's aesthetic level, better let people enjoy a higher quality of life.

4. Specific innovative application of Chinese folk art elements in interior design in China
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Combining the folk art elements and interior design styles of our country, we should pay attention to the following aspects. We should integrate the elements of Chinese folk art reasonably into our own design drawings for the overall purpose of interior design planning. Can be conducted in accordance with the owner of the indoor hobbies, for example, the introduction of Chinese folk art elements, when indoor owners like to travel, like Chinese landscape, so designers can appropriate reference some Chinese ink painting painters painted in design. Meet a few sculpture lovers, can incorporate Chinese ceramic art into the design.

Time management is a false proposition

. The essence of time management is not to manage time, but to manage behavior. Time itself is unmanageable, and everyone has only 24 hours a day, and no one can extend or shorten it. You can only make your own decisions at the same time: DO RIGHT THINGS or DO THINGS RIGHT. The former DO RIGHT THINGS is the most important essence of time management. Doing the right thing is always more important than doing it right.
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Why do you say that? Choose the right thing to do and do it well. Or choose something that might be wrong, and then figure out how to do it right. Which option do you think is more important? It must be doing the right thing. The essence of time management is to spend as much time as possible on the right things and create the greatest value. people who seem busy but waste time on trivial and low-value things are wasting their lives. The final call of praise may be the result of the familiar "no credit, no pain".
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You need to know your work and life priorities and make appropriate behavior management to allocate your time properly. As for the tools you use to manage your time, it's very specific and detailed, and it's very personal. There is no uniform standard. Like the way one learns English, there is no standard answer. A person's true value is not measured by how much time he "puts in," but by how much he "contributes." No matter what your occupation, you should understand the concept of "time cost" in time management recombinant flu vaccine.
Take two small life examples. Let's say you earn 10,000 yuan a month, work 8 hours a day, and work 22 days a month. So the cost of an hour is about 60 yuan. You spend two hours searching and comparing for a nice $30 case. You actually lost not only two hours, but 120 yuan. For such fast disappearing products, which are not the core of life, they can be replaced at any time and should be decided as soon as possible. The more time you spend saving, the less time you have to make money.

Exclusive: Uber's Chinese rival Didi Chuxing to enter Mexico next year - sources

Exclusive: Uber's Chinese rival Didi Chuxing to enter Mexico next year - sources
MEXICO CITY/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Didi Chuxing, China’s ride-hailing behemoth, plans to expand into Mexico next year, intensifying its global rivalry with Uber, according to two sources familiar with the plans. Looking at hong kong hotel list and promotion? GuangDong Hotel always provides different specials for our guests. We provides fully furnished rooms with various in-room facilities and amenities.
FILE PHOTO - A woman walks past Didi Chuxing's booth at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) 2017 in Beijing, China April 28, 2017. REUTERS/Jason Lee
Didi has spoken before of global ambitions, but has not formally announced where or when it would expand. The Chinese company is the second-most highly valued, venture-backed private firm in the world, after Uber Technologies Inc.
Didi has no cars outside China, meaning Mexico could be its first international operation.
Didi, whose brand is ubiquitous in China but little-known in the West, will launch a smartphone app in Mexico and recruit local drivers to the platform, according to the sources, who declined to be named clinique vitamin c.

It is unclear which cities Didi will target, although one of the sources said the company was aiming to launch in the first quarter of next year. The company has already begun trying to recruit corporate talent in the sector, the source added.
A spokesman for Didi declined to comment on Thursday.

About a month ago, Didi met with ProMexico, a government trade and investment body, to discuss opportunities in the country, according to a Mexican official, who declined to provide further details about the conversations.

The company has made no secret of its desire to expand beyond China, particularly in light of the growing number of Chinese customers who travel overseas. In April, Didi raised $5.5 billion from investors, in part to fund global expansion.
But until now, its plans have been limited to financial commitments to ride-hailing companies in other countries and a research lab in Silicon Valley that opened earlier this year.

Didi has invested in Uber rivals around the world, including U.S.-based Lyft, Brazil-based 99, India’s Ola, Singapore-headquartered Grab, Estonia’s Taxify and Careem in the Middle East.
The company acquired Uber’s China business last year after Uber lost roughly $2 billion trying to compete.
After ceding its China business, Uber doubled down on Latin America, where Didi is now encroaching. Uber has established a stronghold in Mexico, with seven million users across 45 cities. Mexico City is Uber’s third-biggest market in the world by rides, after the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro clinique fresh pressed.
Didi will also compete with Spanish ride-hailing company Cabify, which operates in seven Mexican cities.
Regulatory battles are looming. In the touristy state of Quintana Roo, for example, Uber has said the proposed regulation is so onerous that it would drive the company out of the market if passed in its current form. The regulation would ban cash fares, which Uber has said are critical for reaching riders without credit cards.
Mexican authorities fear that allowing ride-sharing apps to accept cash payments would put them in direct competition with traditional taxis, which are a political force in some cities.
Despite Uber’s presence in Mexico, competitors have room to grow, particularly if they can find a way to reach “unbanked” consumers while addressing regulators’ concerns about cash, said Enrique Garcia, a PhD student at Mexico’s CIDE university who has published research on Uber’s presence in the country.
“There is not a point of saturation,” Garcia said.
Reporting by Julia Love in Mexico City and Heather Somerville in San Francisco; Additional reporting by Noe Torres in Mexico City; Editing by Richard Chang
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